Thursday, 27 March 2014


My next adventure took me to Radelaide more commonly know as Adelaide the capital city of South Australia , I flew over with my good friend Danism & we stayed at his mum's place. Radelaide is an interesting city its pretty much the same as Melbourne. We flew over for James Dodd's wedding which was tots awesome. And meet up with with heaps of awesome friends such as the ultimate party animal the infamous TURTLE also Zoe & Sheepie, the one & only Braddock & Gwen , Jon Bon & more 

This is me with Jem

James & Danism

This is a stencil fusion of James & Jem

This Gwen she saw BigFoot through the window & freaked out, we all went out side but there was no BigFoot , fortunately TURTLE had some medication for everyone so they could see BigFoot

 While in Radelaide looking for clues on BigFoot, I came across this awesome lane with scared writings . This is by Australia graf legend KAB101

Honeysuckle Lane 

 more KAB

While in Radelaide I check out some awesome art at the Adelaide Art Gallery & saw Dark Matter my favourite pieces are Ian Strange & Julia DeVille,
This is Danism dancing in front of a piece that was in the Samstag Gallery

Martin Bell piece in Dark Matter 

Also Tony Albert 

 This part of the Ian Strange installation

Anyway after all the fun & excitement all good things must come to an end, it was awesome to hang in Adelaide & the wedding was great all the best to James & Jem & everyone else ....

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


My adventures lead me to the Land of the Long White Cloud a Mysterious place full of hidden secrets & intrigue. First stop my hometown of Hamilton

then off to Kauwerua for the " Street Legal " street art & music festival which was totally awesome apart from the rain on the first day, my Maori haka to chase away the rain wasnt working so I resorted to drinking coffee & listening to awesome dub & reggae bands





This is my favorite piece by Ghostie

Next stop Wellington where I ate huge paua, crayfish, snapper & trevalley yum, praise the sea gods ! chur too much , this is a photo of me with one of the sea gods his name is Rangi you may have seen him on the multi national corporate movie thingy called Star Wars

This is a new studio I have in Wellington it is shared with 3 other peeps in Lyall Bay

new work drawing experiments with water color sprayed stencils of my self , the stencil is a fusion of 2 views of my face along with 2 drawing fusions it presents chaos with the finish result thus becoming order

Horay a new robot stencil for Wellington

NZ was totally awesome as always , but all good trips must come to an end , so it was back on the plane to Melbourne just in time for 'WHITE NIGHTS' for some awesome projections through out the city , this is Flinders Station

This was my favourite projection of the night .. praise the internet & social networking

well nothing new is happening at the moment here in Melbs apart from my good mate Lister painting down in Chapel st ,

please excuse all the spelling mistakes & ill see everyone on the next adventure 
love & peace 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


I decided to venture up north to experience the beach life & to investigate alternative Australian history I ended up in Byron Bay in NSW & stayed with my good friend Luci, we hung out at the beach & I went swimming everyday & worked on my tan , the beach life is totally awesome . While up there I cut out some stencils & went on an adventure

I also went to Mike Chavez's for dinner & sprayed this on his van 

I also saw this cool Makatron piece

While in Byron Bay I went to crystal castle & encountered some ancient gods , they told me stories of the Bunyip the Australian version of Bigfoot which I plan to investigate when I,m up here next time 

This is a large crystal , I also did a Buddhist mediation here with singing bowls, the next day I woke up early at 5ish & cruised down to the beach with Luci to see the first Sun rise of the new year , I didnt see any UFO's but there were 3 sightings while I was in Byron 

After that I left Byron & ventured up to GOMA in Brissy to check out the Cai Guo-Qiang exhibition with Luci, which was totally awesome 

Then I ended up in Coolum hanging at my brothers place watching Star Trek Deep Space 9 & playing with my favorite nieces 

The adventure began when I cruised up to Gympie in search of the Gympie pyramid veries clues lay before us thanks to 'god the internet' ,we ended up at the Gympie museum & came across this artifact from the pyramid 

This is the Gympie ape , according to the story this Ape was found in the center of the pyramid & the Australian army also got called at the turn of last century because cows where cruising into the entrance of the pyramid & disappearing so the army ended up blocking off the entrance by bricking it up 

After all the excitement I went down to the local fish shop & scored a dozen oysters a good way to end the adventure, cya you's all later , watch out for aliens this year apparently earth is going to be invaded by aliens, Happy New Year everyone x

Saturday, 21 December 2013


Well I caught the bus back to Singapore where I stayed at the Australasian Arts project for a few days where I enjoyed a good swim & hanging with my good friends Gab & Mel we also went to the Singapore Biennale & saw some awesome art

 Any way after the awesome 2 month adventure in South East Asia it was back on the plane, crossed the threshold of adventure & returned to  life in Melbs with more awesome tales to be told .So Ive put all the stencils together from all the people Ive met on my adventures in 2 large mandala's one of a pentagram

& the other of the seed of life

Oh well Im off to Byron bay for some oysters, sun, sand & surf (well swimming) see ya's all soon x

Sunday, 17 November 2013


Well Well Well back to Kuala Lumpur where I stayed with my good friend Ise parking projects , at night his street is a beat for lady boys . I stayed for a few days there & ate lots of good Malay food, I ate blue rice , cat fish & other spicy foods so good, then I stayed in Sei Hon's studio for a few more days 
While in KL I managed to cut out more stencil portraits , but when I went to the local graffiti shop to get paint it was closed so I ended using pencil to make the stencils  

stencil portriat of Ise

stencil portrait of koon

stencil portrait of Sei Hon

stencil portrait of Linda

stencil portrait of Yan
 there is also alot of awesome graffiti here lots of cool tags you may recognize this one from around Melbs

I saw this stencil around the traps

more stencils

this is hand brushed graffiti 

came across some of my old stencils still up in KL

Hung out with my good friend Nik, we ate a lot of good foods & I even lowered my standards & drunk some multi national corporate alcohol . Nik also educated me politicks now I feel like a better person thanks to has monologues 

 While in KL I gave an artist talk to 200 art students at UNISEL I spoke about my art work & street art & showed them examples of alot of street art from around the world these students really liked the work of 'ROA'  & Drewfunk especially when I said he is from KL 
after the talk we went off to do a stencil workshop it was intense the student here were really keen to get started 

after all the excitement if was off to the local burger place for a yummy super sized burger

as the adventure came to close it was sad to leave this awesome city , thanks to all the people that looked after me I had an awesome time love & peace to ya'll , I journeyed to the coach stop & caught the bus back to Singapore to catch the biennale